With winter approaching and continued uncertainty around in-person college classes, parents have it tough. You may ask, when does vaping, video gaming and streaming Netflix become too much? Call to get an immediate assessment of your child’s behavior and book a session either in-person or online.




Are you prepared for your child to be home learning virtually this fall? Or are you concerned your son or daughter is going to flunk out of college? Perhaps they already dropped out and you don’t know what to do next. However, their college career doesn’t have to end there. My assessment will help us figure out the root cause of your child’s academic struggles and put together a plan to help put them back on the right track.


Adolescents and young adults experiment with a variety of risky behaviors including substances like alcohol, nicotine vapes and marijuana, gambling, pornography, and excess computer gaming and technology use. My short-term treatment helps to stop these behaviors in their tracks and give your child the tools they need to live a healthy, productive life.


Available throughout the week to fit within your hectic schedule including weekends and evenings. I provide a safe in-person environment for all individuals with regular daily cleaning and between sessions. For those who don’t feel comfortable or are unable to do face-to-face therapy I am happy to offer telehealth sessions. I accept credit cards, checks and cash and I am qualified as a reimbursable out-of-network provider. Call to book an appointment today!


Specialized in the latest technologies and practices to treat anxiety, depression, and substance abuse


Private Practice
As a licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW-R) and life coach, I have worked with young adults and their parents for over 25 years.

Saint Vincent’s Hospital
During my tenure at St. Vincent’s Hospital, I treated over 1,000 patients with a variety of developmental, addiction and psychological issues.

New York University
I received my Master’s of Social Work from NYU in 1992.



I specialize in the treatment of young adults ages 18-35. My short-term in-person and virtual sessions help individuals improve focus without relying on medication. I help my clients set realistic and achievable goals which we accomplish together by using CBT, neurofeedback, behavior modification, and the latest advances in therapeutic technology. My focus is holistic — giving parents the tools needed to help correct teens’ maladaptive and risky behavior while simultaneously guiding adolescents to make better choices and help them become independent and successful long-term. 

I offer flexible hours on both nights and weekends via telemedicine and in-person sessions. During our individualized and short-term treatment we will address the underlying causes of problems to ensure future success


I provide personalized treatments and evidence-backed tools to help you accomplish your goals.


What should you do when your child refuses to talk to you? Or you think he is smoking too much pot? Gaming or on the computer too much? Or does he just seem depressed or anxious? The best next step a parent can take is getting their child assessed. It’s fairly simple: I sit down and talk with your child to understand his perspective of what he believes to be the problem. After, I will bring in the parents so they can express their side. In my 25+ years of experience I find this sets the groundwork for determining not only the challenges at hand but also how these issues can be overcome.

Neurofeedback Focus Enhancement

Can’t focus or have trouble completing tasks? Take advantage of the latest in brain science to improve focus and battle ADHD-tendencies. My monthly programs uses data-driven EEG training for patients alongside expert guidance. Discover how you can enhance performance using a variety of auditory, visual and cognitive game techniques. Learn in person and take the skills with you at home and for life.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Experimenting with pot and alcohol can seem harmless, but social using can quickly spiral out of control into full-blown abuse. My treatment helps to address the underlying causes that contribute to your son or daughter’s problems with drugs and alcohol, so they can cut those unhealthy habits from their life.

Life Skills, Goals & Planning

Whether preparing for college or life after, I will help guide adolescents through the tricky waters of adulthood. Together we will establish realistic short- and long-term goals along with a tangible plan to achieve them. 

Anxiety & Depression Treatment

What should parents do when their child seems perfectly happy one moment, but in a fiery rage the next? Symptoms like depression, anger and anxiety may seem “normal” at that age, but left untreated, can lead to poor academic performance, social withdrawal, or even suicide. My therapy focuses on working with the family to reduce parent-child conflict and design a plan for successful outcomes.

Court-Approved DWI Counseling

When your license is suspended, life turns upside down. You need to find a new way to get to work, pick up your kids from school, and run errands. Don’t risk your future and get help from an expert. As a court-approved therapist, I will provide an assessment, walk you through the entire process, and provide guidance to help you get your license back. 


My psychotherapy incorporates the latest research and techniques for the most successful outcomes. My approach is data-driven, pulling from the latest studies on effective treatments.

Research has shown that yoga, exercise, float tanks, and mindfulness help treat a variety of mental health problems. My short-term treatment integrates elements like these to help produce more beneficial outcomes for clients and their families.

For more information on research supporting my practice, download these references.


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